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 Online Marketing – Documentaries –  Explainer Videos – Event Coverage – Editing

I can provide a range of video content including interviews, reportage and cinematic shots including drone footage.  Complete edited videos or Royalty Free footage supplied for 3rd party editing.

Coming from a photography background specialising in events, editorial and portrait photography, I appreciate  the importance of visual impact and clarity.   Visual quality is also something very important to me.

Whatever your end goal I am sure we can work a solution that will be both visually appealing and can deliver your message or tell your story in a memorable way.



A few examples of previous and ongoing  projects …

A Black Knight Historical costume workshop linked to a history festival commemorating the Battle for North Walsham of 1381.

The festival weekend was ultimately cancelled due to lack of funds but the costume workshops continued to be very popular.

Vital Eyes – Winterton Coastwatch

Extracts from an early solo project, a documentary on Winterton Coastwatch, used as a hub to explore the appeal of the surrounding area.  Both Coastwatch tower and popular cafe have since succumb to the worsening erosion at Winterton.  Winterton Coastwatch have sadly had to admit defeat in their efforts to secure planning for a new watch tower.

A musical montage of views and moments on the Norfolk Broads waterways.  This was a lockdown project though many clips were filmed pre-Covid.  Most of this footage is now available on the Pond5 library. 

Extracts Available Soon …
Ruben’s Story

From body builder and doorman to cover model and actor, Ruben tells his very personal story of how early teenage experiences at first led him down a dark path but one he ultimately broke away from to realise his boyhood dreams.  Still in the edit stage with more B-Roll scheduled.


Contributing to a Kindred Productions story on the late Gerry Anderson’s Alzheimers battle featuring an Alzheimer’s Society sponsored Memory Walk at Dorney Lake in Windsor, which Anderson’s son started on one cold Autumn morning.

Centre 81 – Opportunity for Everyone

Made for the Great Yarmouth charity Centre 81. Used initially for a presentation at a national conference in London on community care and welfare, the film was one way Centre 81 wanted to demonstrate the value of their facilities and highlight the need for a new centre that could serve a wider community.


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Collaboration With Black Knight Historical

Working alongside Black Knight Historical to create history themed footage spanning the ages.


BKH itself is supported by living-history enthusiasts and skilled crafts men and women from costume design, weaponry and artifact replication to re-enactors and professional actors all with a shared passion for keeping history alive and relevant.

As a media enterprise we also collaborate with history groups and heritage organisations to create educational and marketing videos including photography for press use and websites.

Filming & Editing Rates


I have no one fee to fit all jobs but would typically be £300 for half day’s filming plus editing at £100.  I am happy to negotiate multiple day rates or retainer fees at a lower half-day.  Short one hour filming jobs £150.  Editing alone from £150 for a half day.  I include up to three reviews prior to final cut.

Please use form below or email me with your requirements. Ideally we can meet or arrange a video chat to discuss your needs further.

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