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Marketing & Public Relations


Whether for internal relations or a wider audience, professional images can get the message across so much more quickly than words alone. No press release should be without them.


I am used to working closely with businesses and agencies in achieving the best results with the minimal inconvenience to client operations.  Images can be for editorial use, print or online marketing media and large format advertising such as billboards.

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Corporate & Editorial Portraits


The business, corporate and editorial portrait is more important than ever for small and large companies.

Editorial style portraits of key personnel and management can be especially effective in portraying the ‘human face’ of large companies while emphasizing  the value held for skilled personnel at any level of a company’s operations.

Portraits for press-releases, company websites, editorial features or wall display can be shot on-site with minimal disruption to business.

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Property & Architectural Photography


I regularly shoot commercial, holiday let and residential properties.  My images are often used for auction, holiday listing sites, brochures, insurance and planning and exhibition display.

A selection of images are supplied at high-resolution via web download, without watermarks and with Royalty Free licence.  See below for fees and licensing terms.

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For brochure photography, running campaigns, video or/& editing packages please contact me for a custom quote.   Pay-per-image options also available – no fee just pay for what you use.

PR/Marketing/Press:  £120 first hour – £80 thereafter • £300 half day • £600 full day

Evening / weekends:  Minimum £200 for two hours (negotiable) • £350 half day • £700 full day

Brief cheque or award presentations:  £80 for 30 minutes.

Property / Architectural:  £90 (exteriors only) / from £150 (interior & exterior) up to 6 rooms.  Includes post editing of images, web upload of high-res files. 

Medico-legal (and other litigation) photography:  £80 inc. PDF and high-res files supplied via download.  Prints optional.

Videography from £350 (4 hours filming) – please contact me for a bespoke quote which can include or exclude editing as required.

Analogue-to-Digital Conversions / Picture Restorations / Retouching – Contact me for price

I offer 15% discount to registered charities on all services.

Image & Video Capture


Digital images are shot in a digital ‘raw’ format for optimum tonal range and clarity then edited as necessary and exported as Jpegs.  Unless a film & edit package has been agreed, video footage will only undergoe some nominal post-processing, cutting and audio synching (where separate sound is recorded) but clips are not composed into a finished film. 

High-resolution images and HD/4K video footage (supplied as MP4 or .MOV files) are accessed via a web download site s

Prelminary edits of videos or clips will be made available via non-public YouTube upload.

Photography and video footage is inclusive of Royalty Free license to cover re-usage (but not re-sale) for all client’s marketing or editorial needs.  Please see Licensing Terms below.

Licensing Terms


Images are licensed as ‘Royalty Free’ to customers so no further payment is required for subsequent uses.  However, all initial and future usage must relate solely to the promotion, marketing or documenting of the client’s business, products or/and services or/and (if applicable) their client’s business, products or services. Other permitted uses can include art decor for interior design in commercial or domestic properties and any personal use.

Images or video footage cannot be resold or syndicated through libraries or offered to third parties for unrelated uses to those aforementioned. Fees for licensing rights on images for usage outside these parameters are negotiable as are rates for full/outright copyright ownership.

These terms do not compromise my aim to deliver an exclusive image package for sole commercial use by the commissioning client. I do however reserve the right (after a reasonable lapsed period) to reproduce pictures in my printed and digital promotional materials and on my website.   

Unless otherwise agreed, I retain full copyright on all my images and video footage.


All enquiries to Adrian Buck
Telephone +44 (0)1493 722688 | +44 (0)7769 953966.