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Family Portraits

Family portraits are a great way to mark those special family events like anniversaries and birthdays or simply to capitalise on rare family gatherings such as at Christmas or Easter. A single shoot can if you like include split groups, couples and individual shots.

Photography can be provided at your home, a suitable outdoor location or a private indoor venue. Sessions run from 45-90 minutes depending on requirements.

Bespoke print/digital packages also available – please contact me for quote.

Black & white group portrait
Black & white portrait of two children. © Adrian Buck Photography 2015
Children & Pets

Child & pet portraits should be as fun and laid back as possible. Outdoor locations are ideal in that respect but equally the home will provide a familiar environment for subjects to be themsleves.

If indoors, these sessions can be shot with or without backdrop, using natural or strobe lighting. The aim is to capture natural expressions and hopefully a little of our subject’s character.

Allow 30-60 minutes per session, 90 minutes if a shared shoot at slightly more cost. A la carte packages available with enlargement credit and digital proofs. Digital packages also available.

Contemporary black & white child portrait
Personal Photo Shoots

These can be photo shoots for individuals, pairings or groups of friends and can make great gifts. We can work on locations outdoors or indoors.

A local park, beach or woodland area are ideal natural settings but equally urban or historic locations can offer interesting ambience for a art or fashion style. Strobe or natural lighting may be used.

Studio shoots can be staged at your home or other indoor location with sufficient space. Please contact me to discusss.

Bespoke print / digital packages also available – please contact me for quote.

Outside portrait of couple
Engagement Shoots

Engagement or couple shoots can be staged in a natural, urban or at other outdoor locations.

We can shoot at your own home, in the garden or indoors with studio lighting. Use of white backdrop is dependant on space and  artisitc preferences.

Please contact me to discusss.

Publicity Portraits

Publicity Portraits

Model Portfolios – Promotional Shoots – Concept Portraits

Performing artists and working models place a high value on their portfolio and publicity photography because they know good photography delivers.
Sophie Johnson - Dancer. © Adrian Buck Photography 2015
Karl Whan - Actor. © Adrian Buck Photography 2015
Laura - Model. © Adrian Buck Photography 2015
Actors, Musicians, Vocalists, Bands, Dancers…

Promotional shoots can be tailored to a client’s own brief or I can offer my own ideas.

Actors’ headshots can be shot with either studio or natural lighting, indoors or outside in a filmic style.  Studio lit headshots can also be staged in the client’s residence using plain light or dark backdrop.

All studio shots are taken in either hired or borrowed space, in the client’s home or at venues. Please contact me to discuss options.

Fees start at £90 £80 (until 1st March 2018) for headshots, including 2 high-res images selected from low-res proofs.

Model Portfolios

These shots can include head shots, half or full-lengths, different outfits and backgrounds.

Whether Indoor or outdoor sessions,  studio strobe or/and natural lighting is used as appropriate.

I am not nor have ever been studio-based. All my studio shots were taken in either hired or borrowed
space or in the client’s home or work premises. Please contact me to discuss current options.

Fees from £120 £95 (until 1st March 2018) including 6 high-res digital images selected from a selection of individual low-res (marked) JPEG files

Collaborative Shoots

Mostly conceptual in approach and shot on location, TFP (time-for-prints) shoots are designed to produce new images for editorial & art publishing markets.

Only adult subjects considered. In return for your time and a completed release you get digital images or prints to use in your portfolio and for promotion.

Video clips are a new possibility for actor’s showreels and I am happy to discuss how we might produce some mutually productive footage.

If you would like to collaborate on future projects, please send me an email with picture/s or link to your work.

Call me on 01493 722688 or 07769 953966