Black & white portrait of photographer Adrian Buck, by Stefania Ruzzi.

If I have a style preference it is narrative or character-driven, with a sense for the dramatic. I like movement and action but also mystery and mood.  I’m happy with either a real world or fantasy vision.

Of course, I can work to most briefs and will always prioritise what works best for the client which can sometimes be a more upbeat lifestyle look.  There is a subject’s true face to the world or the one they prefer to show.

Equally, there are the key moments at a wedding and the often unseen emotions and actions that ricochet off. There are the unexpected viewpoints and the details which only become obvious in a still picture.

You may have your own vision for your wedding photography, family portrait, headshots or publcity shoot. Or you may wish to leave me to adopt the most suitable approach. We can all look like movie or rock stars when the right elements come together. Sometimes a reportage ‘hands off’ approach is the best approach, shooting au naturale, seeing shots in the making and being ready for them.

There are endless possible elements which can influence your portrait or wedding photos, from the lighting, background and choice of lens to viewpoint and timing of the shot itself. That is before we even get to the processing of your images. The work doesn’t stop after taking the picture. These are all things I am practised in controlling and manipulating.

So reach out today and let’s see how we could work together toward some genuinely unique pictures.